Organizational structure

Zhejiang lime holding group

Zhejiang lime holding group is a collection research and development、Production、Sales、Service in the integration of electric high pressure cleaning machine series、Steam Diesel high pressure cleaner and lithium battery garden tools series、Lithium electric washing machine and related equipment professional manufacturing enterprise。

Zhejiang xinchang buick yue electric tools co., LTD

Zhejiang xinchang buick yue electric tools co., LTD., established in1999Years,For zhejiang lime holding group subsidiary,Is a professional engaged in high pressure cleaning equipment research and development、Production、Trade of high-tech enterprises。Company's main products are household、The commercial、Industrial electric high pressure cleaner、Steam Diesel high pressure cleaner,Water cannons, and related accessories,Are of good quality、Reliable performance,Widely used in vehicles、The ground、Metope、The sanitation、The hotel、Farms、Food processing、Flushing of aircraft ship, etc。

Zhejiang lime new energy technology co., LTD

Zhejiang lime new energy technology co., LTD. Is founded2004Years,Is the collection design、Research and development、Production、Sales in the integration of electrical appliances、Garden tools and related products of modern companies。The company has advanced production and testing equipment,Experienced r&d team,On the basis of technological innovation,Constant innovation,Constantly develop new products,The development and production of new energy lithium battery garden tools is another major step of the development of enterprises,Maintenance of old customers for the company,Develop new customers is of great significance to the new market。

Lime import and export(The United States)Co., LTD

In order to integrate industry resources and advantage“The Internet+”In the era of information,Comply with the products of globalization、The development trend of the brand,The layout of the development enterprise sales network at home and abroad,Liam group2014Years in the United States set up the lime import and export(The United States)Co., LTD,Located in the largest city in Massachusetts Boston。Our company is equipped with electricity、Gasoline cleaning machine assembly center,Testing center、Office center and after-sales service center,Mainly for the americas、European customers faster access、Better product sales and services。

Product center

  • High pressure cleaner

    A car、Housing、Yard clean

  • Garden tools(Lithium battery)

    Garden plant、Flowers and plants repair and maintenance

  • Product accessories

    Expanding equipment applications

The cooperation of our customers

Quality、Services for us to win more customers

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