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Anhui lam of air conditioning engineering co., LTD

Anhui lam of air conditioning engineering co., LTD is a professional central air conditioning water system(Ground source heat pump)Suppliers,In the early launch of four modernizations solutions in the province。The intelligent products、Material unification、Installation of standardization、Technology professional comprehensive upgrade scheme,The central air conditioning system is to build the province's advanced water system of the new standards,From a single to the evolution of the integration process。In order to meet the needs of different customers market,We launched from the luxury villa personality residential central air conditioning water system to tooling air-cooled module of high cost performance,Our goal is to continuously improve,Make the project a like Germany handicraft is excellent,Make it become the anhui province advanced measure of central air conditioning water system,The continuous development of led market。Our mission,Well water air conditioning,Service for the people of anhui!For construction of the motherland to contribute a little!

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